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Sara :BIO and Ref: OLD by the-rainbow-ass Sara :BIO and Ref: OLD by the-rainbow-ass
EDIT: 10/17/16 This is so old. I'm rewriting this. Bleh
Edit: 7/14/14 Backstory up! Hopefully it's not too all over the place as I'm still trying to work on writing things better XD

Ha ha. Totally stole this profile template from Dody-Inferno XD I found it incredibly useful!
Hopefully this bio is slightly better as I've done some maintainence to it.

Basic Information
Name: Saraphina Pandora
Nicknames: Sara (almost everyone calls her this, friend or not); Half blood or Cur (by enemies)
Age: 18
Species: Dire Wolf
Race: Mobian Lycanthrope
Gender: Female
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 75 pounds
IQ: 98
Marital Status: Taken, but not married yet
DOB: September 23rd (Virgo)
Birth Place: Aberdeen, Cerulia. The outskirts of town specifically.
Residence: Aberdeen, Cerulia. She lives in an apartment with her boyfriend, Verkins.
Occupation: Mercenary and Information Broker. She works for people who pay her money to do seedy things or will even take cases of infidelity in marriages. She'll occassionally do Bounty Hunting as well.
Economic Class: Depends. She's in that fine location between poverty and middle.
Alignment: Neutral (Sara isn't a goody two shoes by any means, nor is she evil. She has no problem taking money to kill someone and will gladly resort to vigilante tactics to get what she needs. This doesn't mean she goes out of her way to kill people, but she'll gladly do what she needs to do to survive)
Top Speed: 130 MPH (this is around average speed in Sonic universe if she were in a game. But in general, her speed is about 60 MPH in bursts thanks to her half breed lycanthrope physiology)

Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 45)
Agility - 6
Speed - 6
Strength - 5
Defense - 5
Evasiveness - 5
Dexterity - 6
Intelligence - 5
Battle Skill – 7
Total: 45

Main Techniques: (Some descriptions copied from Concept-Mobius because basic attacks are the norm among most Sonic characters. Also, all techniques in this area are written assuming Sara “is in a game”, meaning that naturally, she would not ever use these techniques and would opt for the “special attacks” section below.)

(1). Roll
While in movement, Sara can curl down and take on a fetal position, rolling along the ground at a very high speed and RPM rate, meant primarily for breaking through barriers, or destroying enemies.

(2). Jump Roll
Also referred to as the "spinball jump," Sara is able to leap into the air and curl into a spinning, tightly compacted ball of destruction that can destroy enemies and break barriers.

(3). Homing Attack
While airborne in spinball form,  Sara can hurl herself with a sudden burst of speed at enemies. This can be done in a consecutive attacking matter, meaning she can hit one enemy after another.

Special Attacks:

• General moves
(1.) Kicking
Sara's main choice of attack. Her kicks generally have a pretty good amount of power in them (almost as strong as Rouge's).
(2.) Punching
Sara's less prefered method of hurting someone or something, as she has less upper body strength, but they still have decent power behind them
(3.) Two Pistols
Sara's secondary mode of attacking, ranged. Using two twin pistols with empty magazines, Sara is able to focus and use her very weak Lunakinesis to great effect. She can fire 'energy bullets' that while, may not pierce, but they have a concussive force and are great for wearing down her opponent before they get too close.

• Special attacks

(1.) Lunar Burn
When she has enough energy (or in a game, rings) Sara is able to unleash a blazing blue aura of Lunar Energy around her to seriously harm enemies around her if she gets swarmed. This makes her tired afterwards. Note that it doesn't actually burn.

Ability type: Speed (but if the situation calls for it, Sara could be Power as well)

Abilities & Aptitude:
(1.) Thanks to her physiology as a Lycanthrope (a half breed), Sara is granted the following abilities:
-Sara is granted solid speed and agility which is better than most Mobians. (refer to Top Speed section for information)
-Sara is granted above average strength. She is able to easily pick up at least 10 times her weight. 15 times her weight with exertion.
-She is also quite durable as well, her skeleton can withstand the exertions of her strength and her bones do not break quite that easily.
-Sara can smell, hear and see in the dark better than other Mobians
-Sara has a Regenerative Healing factor at a Basic Level. (Refer to this article for more infomation… )
-Due to her father being the King of Lycanthropes, Sara inherited Lunakinesis, although it is very, very weak and unchanneled. She can only use it through a focusing device (in this case, her two pistols) or with certain attacks. However, the only way Sara can use these abilities are if she is absorbing/absorbed energy from the Moon at night.

Hobbies & Talents:
(1.) Is an excellent card counter and is able to cheat at games quite well. She's even beaten High Rollers and taken their money. In addition, she also sports one of the best poker faces you will ever see.
(2.) Has a lot of street smarts and practices common sense. Sara may not be booksmart, but she certainly isn't guillible or easily led on.
(3.) Is very much used to the city like metropolis she lives in. She can get around easily undetected, which makes her perfect for her little Mercenary gig. She can even use her environment to her advantage in fights.
(4.) Has solid all around fighting skills. Sara was taught by her adoptive Mercenary father Vulcan to fight, but ultimately Sara's fighting style ultimately comes down to 'fight dirty and win'
(5.) Is extremely strong willed and refuses to give up on a mission or set goal.
(6.) Sara is surprisingly good at sewing. She can easily mend or repair clothes. She's had to make countless repairs to her clothes over the years.
(7) Despite not giving too many shits about schooling, Sara is actually really good at math.

Alternate forms/Transformations:
(1.) Due to her Lycanthrope heritage, Sara has access to something called a Berserker. Only at nighttime this transformation can occur. This happens when Sara is under acute distress such as severe anger, grief (such as losing a loved one) or any overwhelming negative emotions, Sara transforms into this lovely beast. When she does, her fur gets darker and she looks more like a monster than anything and stands 6 and a half feet tall and weighs around 500 pounds of pure muscle. In this form, Sara is a powerful physical juggernaut, able to easily flip over a bus and decimate physical structures without a whole lot of effot. She also sports a very mean bite and can utilize her newly acquired heavy weight to smash her opponents. All around, she is a terrifying opponent to deal with in this state.
This transformation is not only just physical, but it also afflicts Sara mentally, even at daytime. Berserker is a completely seperate entity that lives within Sara. Basically, it's like having 2 minds in one body and when she is getting upset she starts to hear a 'buzzing' or a voice that exists deep in her brain, causing her to get even more agitated and causes her to lash out violently. After harsh training regimins with her father Abyus, Sara became a lot better about 'blocking out the noise'

(1.) Sara is only at half strength at Daytime
(2.) At first, Sara had very poor control over Berserker's influence in her mind, which caused her to be a very violent, irrational and defiant person. It also caused her to be 'dumb' and not pay attention to a whole lot. As a result, she isn't well educated and is extremely anti social as a result of missing many years of developing social skills.
(3.) Like her full blooded brethern, Sara is highly allergic/weak to Silver. Liquid Mercury also does her in and will kill her very quickly if she were exposed to it. This also includes jewelry.
(4.) Her tail is a perfect handle for her opponents to grab on to. Seeing as how it's attatched to her spine and all, it hurts her quite a bit.
(5.) Is extremely stubborn and hard to work with.
(6.) Thanks to her fluffiness (and her stubborness to wear all black), Sara performs poorly in hot weather. She gets exhausted and overheated very fast.
(7.) Sara's enhanced senses can sometimes be a burden instead of a benefit. A very loud noise can bring her to her knees. Throwing dirt in her face or a very strong, repulsive smell can stun her. She also must wear protective eyewear at daytime or she could go blind.

(1.) Berserker cannot stand on two legs for a long time as her upper body is much heavier than her lower body. If Sara keeps shifting into Berserker too many times, she is extremely likely to develop osteoarthritis in the future.
(2.) Conversely on all four legs (the much healthier position for Berserker to stand/move in), Berserker cannot fight very well and can't make very good use of her massive strength. At most, Berserker can ram into her opponents like a speeding dumptruck, but unfortunately, Berserker cannot stop or turn on a dime very easily.
(3.) Berserker is lumbering and slow, even on all four legs.
(4.) Berserker is not tactiful in battle. It relies on predatory instinct to fight.
(5.) Just like in mobian form, Berserker is highly vunerable to Silver or Mercury.
(6.) Berserker cannot survive in the daytime. If exposed to the sunlight while transformed, Berserker will be forced to transform back into Sara and it will cause 1st degree burns to Sara on parts exposed to the sun that take quite a while to heal.

Items & Weapons:
1.Two Glock Pistols that Sara spray painted purple that she uses to use her Lunakinesis.
2. A simple digital camera that Sara uses when she's gathering information. It can also take video.
-She also used to use a 'moonblade'. Please read her backstory to read why she does not use this anymore.

Vehicles: N/A

Personality:  Sara can easily be summed up as an anti social individual. She will very rarely open up to strangers, let alone talk to them thanks to years or developing a distaste for people in general and is a very mistrusting individual. Interestingly, Sara is surprisingly insightful and is usually a pretty good judge of character. Despite her 'I'm a hardass, don't fuck with me' attitude, Sara is actually quite sweet if she believes she can trust you and is fiercely loyal to you, but she expects the same in return from you (and she doesn't open up to just anybody, you have to work really hard for her friendship) . Sara is best known for her indomitable will and her ability to get what she needs, which can sometimes result in her acting like a stubborn and obnoxious douchebag, but she doesn't pursue something unless she KNOWS. Overall, Sara comes across as gruff and an irratable person, but she's actually a nice person who will treat you with loyalty and respect if you give it to her.

Myers-Brigg Personality: ISTP (Introvert Sensing Thinking Perceiving)

Back Story (warning, this is really long)
  18 years ago, in an island continent called Cerulia, a place with several rich cultures which include not only regular Mobians, but also housed many unique races such as Omega Dragons and Lycanthropes.
 King Abyus, the king of Lycanthropes of Avalon was having a conflict with king Vermithrax, the king of Omega Dragons of Ulterion. The small conflict eventually escalated into all out war when Queen Tanis, Vermithrax's wife burned down Avalon's forest. After causing much devastation throughout the whole continent, Abyus and Vermithrax decided to settle the score  once and for all. A long battle raged as the two kings stuggled for dominance over the other. Eventually, it was called a draw when Abyus threatened to cease all food supply to Ulterion (as most of the food in all the continent comes from Avalon alone).

After cleaning up the mess of the month long war, Abyus contacted a notable biotechnology company in Aberdeen, a major territory in Cerulia, after he realized there was no way Avalon's great forest could come back before the harsh winter months and would kill his people. The owner of the company, Gretchen Pandora came to Abyus's aid, when she had told him she has found a way to make plants mature faster and get stronger. Soon after, Avalon's forest was restored. To thank her, Abyus invited Gretchen for a drink.
But unfortunately, they both had a little bit too much to drink.
And so 9 months later, Abyus and Gretchen's daughter, Saraphina Pandora was born.

Unhappy about the whole situation, Abyus barely had any interest in raising Sara and was extremely concerned about his wife Queen Cimmeria finding out about his infidelity. One night, when Sara was only an infant, he had tried to kill her in her sleep but couldn't find himself to even harm her. He accepted he messed up and tried to financially provide for her bastard child but kept his distance.
4 years after, Abyus completely disappeared from Gretchen and Sara's life. Gretchen was forced to raise Sara by herself. His reasoning is that 'he wanted to raise his real child'
For unknown reasons when Sara was 10 years old, her home was broken into by a rouge (who would later be revealed to be Kaljua the Rhino) and murdered her mother. To avoid having any witnesses, he went after Sara and tried to kill her. As if luck was on Sara's side, a pitbull who revealed himself to be Vulcan, fought off Kaljua. As a parting gift, Kaljua set the house ablaze to leave no evidence of the crime. Vulcan rescued a thoroughly traumatized Sara from her burning home and brought her to his place of residence.

Because of being orphaned, Sara was adopted by an elderly couple who Vulcan lived with, Tempest and Felicia Black. They treated her like their own child and gave her a place she could call home. For a while, Sara was content with the whole living situation. However when she grew older, she started to question why Kaljua murdered her mother and many other questions such as what Vulcan does for a job. Feeling she shouldn't know about it, they told her to not worry about it because she wouldn't understand. Eventually this caused Sara to become angry and defiant.

After an arguement with her foster parents one night, Sara went up to Vulcan's room to see if she could get the answers she wanted when she caught him trying to scrub blood off of his clothes. He then decided to come clean and tell her that he works as a Mercenary for hire and Tempest got him the job to collect the cash reward. He then accidentally explained to her Mercenaries work outside the law and whatnot to get what they want by doing seedy jobs. Unfortunately, this inspired Sara to take the same dark road the Vulcan took to get what he wanted. Vulcan, understood and said he became a Mercenary for the exact same reason: to find out why a gang of mobsters brutally murdered his older brother.

Unfortunately when Sara hit puberty, she started to show a very alarming lack of emotional control and she had almost what could be described as super human attributes to back up her threats. She had gotten into many, many fist fights at school thanks to the ruthless bullies that resided in the school (also because she was pretty overweight, that warranted them to want to make fun of her and for being generally 'stupid' and strange to them). When Sara was 14, the school counsler meet with Tempest and told him that she must be home schooled or she will be put in juvinile hall for nearly killing another student. Tempest agreed to pay the fees for a home tutor, although Sara had to endure quite of bit of a tongue lashing afterwards as he was sick of hearing the same excuse of her 'hearing  a voice in her mind that made her angrier'.
Sara's homelife wasn't going very well at this point, but she tried to ignore the 'buzzing' sensations in her mind when she got even mildly upset. After a few years of at home tutoring, Sara received her GED, though just barely. She then decided to demand Vulcan to teach her how to fight to 'get started' on being a Mercenary. Laughing, he told her she had no idea what she was in for and she challenged him to a bet. Vulcan agreed to take her on a Mercenary job and show her what the life is really like.

Sometime between Sara met a few more Mercenaries Tempest has working for him such as Glacia, who Sara developed a sisterly like bond with. Valiance, who acted like a secondary nanny (with aggro). Verkins, the Prince of Ulterion who Sara immediately disliked and Baoling, a monk who was kicked out of the palace out of the wish of the Grand Monk.
Eventually the bet held it's validity when someone contacted Tempest to destroy and illegal drug ring in Aberdeen. Vulcan along with his other Mercenary buddies, took Sara along to show her what it's really like.
It all went to plan when Sara watched in horror as Vulcan started to get on the losing end of the battle. Sara began to feel an incredible rage and then it was revealed why she was so tempermental all these years.
She was a Lycanthrope. And she had just accessed her Berserker form. Sara rampaged and killed every single mobster in the drug ring (even the ones who were running away). Desperate to calm her down, Vulcan tried to assure her. But unfortunately at this point, Sara was gone. Only Berserker remained to say hello. Vulcan, Glacia, Valiance and Baoling all struggled to try and subdue Berserker, only to get knocked unconcious and doomed to die. Verkins then shifted into his Omega Dragon form to try and subdue Berserker. Verkins was forced to impale Berserker in the stomach, which did the trick and Sara morphed back into her Mobian

In the hospital, while Sara and the Mercenaries were being treated for their injuries, the Governer of Aberdeen, Nightmare Umbra arrived and placed Sara under arrest for destroying government property. She was then set to go into trail for her crimes. (This deeply worried them as Aberdeen has very strict laws on out of control Lycanthropes).
The date of the trail came and needless to say, it was not going well at all. There was overwhelming evidence of Sara's rampage. The judge was just about to rule against Sara and put her to death, but then, thanks to Tempest's quick thinking it was brought up that Sara had no knowledge of her heritage (as neither did he or anyone else) and was not raised by her own kind. Taking this into consideration, the judge then made a new order. That Sara will be forced to live in Avalon until she can show complete dominance over Berserker. The very next day, Sara was sent off to Avalon, where she met her trainer, King Abyus Lykaon, who was shocked. Abyus was immediately hostile and demanding to Sara.

Sara eventually demanded he gave her answers when they were alone training in Avalon's forest. To which Abyus replied that 'she is his half blood and half wit bastard child'. Shocked by hearing this, Sara demanded answers from him ranging from why he wasn't there for her and why her mother died. Abyus answered her questions all except the reasoning her mother was killed, as he had no knowledge of that. Feeling she hit a dead end and that she could get no more information from her father, Sara then accepted the fact that she needed her father to help her so she can live a somewhat normal life in her hometown.
Half a year later, Sara was screened and was approved to be allowed to go back to Aberdeen. Now well versed and able to control Berserker (along with learning a lot about her Lycanthrope heritage and obtaining a sword), she went back to her mission; to find out why her mother was killed. The only clue she had was Kaljua the Rhino. She searched endlessly for him but to no luck. It was then Tempest and Vulcan reached out to her and told her they will help her. Feeling that she could barely trust them, she hesitantly agreed. A while after, Sara became Verkins's girlfriend and they used their saved up finances to move in together.
Eventually Tempest got information concerning Kaljua. Sara immediately jumped into action and Tempest ordered her to only follow him, not fight. Sara followed him back to the Governer's Mansion. Surprised, she followed him in and was then ambushed and trapped. Governer Nightmare approached Sara and took no hesitation to mock her and tell her she only gave herself a death wish getting invovled in his affairs. It was then Vulcan and Verkins showed up to Sara's aid when Vulcan revealed that Nightmare was actually Aberdeen's most powerful mob lord, but could not prove it as Nightmare has covered his tracks extremely well, most likely through bribary. Getting bored of the banter, Nightmare ordered his mobsters to kill all 3 of the mercenaries.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be an easy battle, revealed itself to be a very tedious task, as a particular henchman of Nightmare's who simply called themself Ravager, who wore a robotic suit arrived into the fray. Eventually as Ravager soundly defeated Vulcan and Verkins and left Sara weakened, Nightmare asked if Sara could possibly guess who Ravager really was. Ravager's mask was taken off.
Ravager was Gretchen Pandora.

Before Sara could drill any questions to her mother, Gretchen begged Sara to kill her. Before Sara could react, Ravager/Gretchen began to charge at her and attack relentlessly. Nightmare then told Sara she should really consider killing her as Gretchen is being controlled remotely by one of his henchmen and cannot 'hear' her. Sara and Gretchen brawled for a very long time before Gretchen's robotic suit sustained too much damage from Sara. Just when Gretchen fell to her knees, she was then forced to use an energy cannon build into the suit and was aiming for Vulcan and Verkins to kill them. Sara quickly grabbed her arm and tried to force it the other direction towards Nightmare, but unfortunately Sara was not strong enough to push her back.

Sara took her blade and cut through her armor and was forced to rip her mother's spine out. Vulcan and Verkins were saved. But at a very high cost. Finding the entire situation hysterical, Nightmare congratulated Sara for her cold heartedness and said she would be perfect as one of his henchmen. Sara essentially told Nightmare he could rot in hell by attacking him, but unfortunately Nightmare proved to be too strong for Sara and he then proceeded to burn down the mansion to hide any evidence of anything that happened. Heartbroken and physically very weak, Sara fled the mansion with Vulcan and Verkins. Vulcan had also rescued a boy named Logan the Karelian Bear Dog. Later that night, Sara took the blade she used to murder her own mother and hid it away, never to be seen again.

The truth was later revealed to Sara. Gretchen did not really die that day when Sara was younger. She was 'rescued' by one of Governer Nightmare's henchmen and they had lied to her and said that Sara was killed by a mercenary named Vulcan. She then agreed to work for Nightmare, as he had manipulated her into thinking that if she returned to public view, it would make her an easy target for him to track her down and kill her. She continued her research on her growth serum on plants and livestock, but unbeknownst to her, Nightmare was using it to genetically alter some of his mobsters to make them muscular juggernauts (albiet they would be mentally berserk). In the meantime, Guntram, one of Nightmare's henchmen was developing a robotic suit and Gretchen was eager to try it out to get revenge on Vulcan. She synergized with it well and used it a number of times to try and kill him in the past. But when Gretchen found out what Nightmare was really using her research for, she destroyed all her notes and got rid of her serums immediately and told him she was going to take him down for it. Unfortunately, predicting something like this would happen, Nightmare rigged her robotic suit to also be a control device, should she ever defect and ordered her to continue with her research as they had captured a young boy, Logan who could be a great potential candidate for being compatible with the newest incarnation of the growth serum. And that is when Sara came into the picture.
No wonder Gretchen told her own daughter to kill her. Sara had a new mission. To kill Nightmare and expose him for the monster he is. But thankfully, she isn't alone.

Relationships with other characters:
Verkins: At first, Sara and Verkins couldn't stand each other, but after getting to know each other and being put on several missions that required both of their skill sets, they fell in love with each other. Sara loves him to bits as he loves her. She can't stand being apart from him for a really long time or she'll get distressed with out him. But unfortunately the fairy tail stuff ends there, as they share a 'love-hate' relationship. There are times they can't get enough of each other and there are times where they're having screaming matches.

Vulcan: A 28 year old pitbull who is Sara's adoptive father. At the core he is a sadistic, cold hearted mercenary, but he is actually quite charming and fatherly towards her. When she was younger, Sara viewed Vulcan as her knight in shining armor seeing as how he rescued her when she needed him and she actually developed a little crush on him. He was mostly oblivious to it because he wouldn't ever entertain the notion of having a relationship with someone 10 years younger than himself. But overall, they are great friends and they synergize very well with each other.

Glacia: A 24 year old Harp Seal. Sara and Glacia actually share a sisterly bond. Sara usually goes to her for advice and help when she feels down or uncertain about something.

Logan: A 17 year old Karelian Bear Dog. Sara and Logan share a sibling like relationship. Sara saved Logan's life when he was caught in the middle of mobster warfare, which could've killed him. He also has a thinnly vieled crush on Sara, but she either doesn't notice nor does she care.

Tempest: A 69 year old Wolverine. Tempest is the closest thing to a father Sara has ever had in her life. After Vulcan saved her, she lived with him and his wife Felicia and Vulcan. He was often strict with her, trying to help her find her way. He is captain of a mercenary team and Vulcan is his weapon. Sara shares a similiar relationship with his wife Felicia.

Abyus: Sara is his bastard child,  so needless to say, it can be said Abyus barely cares about her at all. He had no trouble abandoning Sara and her mother so he could raise his 'real child'. He and Sara barely get along and usually end up hating each other even more after each 'conversation' (which are really tense screaming matches) He doesn't ever really talk about her, but when he does, he's usually mocking or condesending her.

Cimmeria: Abyus's wife. She may not have knowledge of Abyus's infedelity 18 years ago, but she regards Sara as a weak half blood. So yea...she's also extremely condesending towards Sara.

Nightmare: Sara shares a very hostile relationship with the governer of Aberdeen. She would love nothing more than to erase his existance. Especially seeing as how he screwed up her life.

Personal facts

Love interest: Verkins Drachenstein

Greatest friends: Vulcan Creed the Pitbull (he is also her adoptive father, Age 28); Glacia Tsukorov the Harp Seal (age 24); Logan the Karelian Bear Dog (age 17); Tempest Black the Wolverine (age 69) and Felicia Black the Lynx (age 67)

Acquaintances: Valiance Dakila the philippine eagle (character belongs to Verkins); Baoling the Snow Leopard (very loosely, age 20)

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: Governer Nightmare Umbra the bat; Kaljua the Rhino; Hydra Minerva the Lionfish

Known relatives: King Abyus Lykaon the Dire Wolf (father, age 44); Gretchen Pandora the Tenrec (mother, deceased); Queen Cimmeria Lykaon the Timberwolf (stepmother, age 40); Prince Metallus Lykaon the Dire Wolf (stepbrother, age 20)

Likes/Favourite activities: Watching TV;  Exploring; Getting a high paying job that is easy; High stakes poker and other related card games;

Dislikes/Least favourite activities: Anything to do with schooling; people who have superiority complexes; rich snobs; hot weather; when Verkins flirts with other girls; LOSING (she's a very sore loser); When people don't pay her for her work (she WILL hunt you down and collect though); being broke; people who don't know how to shut up; being the center of attention; When the landlord starts bitching

Gourmet of choice: Comfort foods. If you haven't the slightest clue as to what is it, let's just say Sara's favorite place to eat would be KFC

Beverages of choice: Soda

Favourite colour(s): Black and purple.

Theme Song(s): I Stand Alone- Godsmack
Bodies-Drowning Pool (Theme of Berserker)

Random factoids:
-The symbol on Sara's gloves are pentagrams. She never quite grew out of her rebellious teen phase.
-Is a very poor housekeeper, which is why her boyfriend, Verkins is stuck doing housework
-Sara is somewhat of a sadist. She enjoys watching others suffer, especially mobsters.
-While she is quite good at Information Broking, Sara actually despises her job, especially when she's dealing with infidelity. She can't stand the ensuing drama that occurs.
-Sara follows the belief of Karma

Character inspirations: (Official characters or mythology who influenced Sara's creation)
-Saix (Kingdom Hearts series)
- Berserkers (Norse Mythology)
-Hulk (Marvel Comics)
-Heine Rammsteiner (DOGS: Bullets and Carnage)
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